Hello hello everyone...

It has been a few months since I've done any updating on youtube or on this blog - but much has happened over the last few months.

I am pregnant with twins - 4 months along... and morning sickness was very difficult to deal with... I am still slowly recuperating.

I am in hopes of doing updates and getting back in the groove soon. ;-)

thanks for being so patient.

~ Honey


Interested in trying out that decadent Chocolate Masque I keep raving about??? How about getting a sample of it for free?

Hemloq - the company that has some of the Best Natural Skin Care Products is offering something Fabulous! You can get free Hemloq Natural Skin Care Product samples plus you don't have to pay shipping (restrictions apply.) This is a limited time offer - so please take advantage of this opportunity ASAP.

"I can wait to take advantage of this opportunity and try out their Raspberry Fruit Peel - especially since I love the Chocolate Masque so much!" ~ Honey

To receive samples - please email info@hemloq.com .

Send along your name, address, phone number and product sample you would like to receive. The following products are available in samples:

  • Chocolate Masque
  • Citrus Scrub
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Cucumber Cleanser
  • Eye Gel
  • Eye Cream
  • Moisture Rich Cream
  • Nourishing Day Cream
  • Raspberry Fruit Peel
  • Daily Repair Serum

(Only one sample per product per household, please.) www.hemloq.com

My January 2009 - FAVs:

So much has been happening the last few weeks. I have received an abundance of emails asking for requests on Valentine's Day looks, Prom looks, Bridal looks, reviews on drug store makeup - you name it... I've been getting it. Please pardon my absence if I haven't been making any time to post any blogs lately, I've just been quite busy.

With prom season just a few months away I have been working with High School Teenagers on their dress selections, accessories, etc. for the big night on the town. Yes - I am also a Fashion coordinator when requested - there probably isn't a job I haven't done... ha!ha!

I have also been busy working on Photography gigs as well - as Photography is my main line of business. If you haven't done so yet... check out my photography website: http://www.hoonaniphotography.com and tell me what you think. Prom season also keeps my photography business busy as well - with teenagers wanting to take different types of photos instead of the usual "prom back drops"... it's a new trend - and I think it's absolutely wonderful. ;-)

So any how - that was my quick update on what's been keeping me tied up. If I haven't stopped by or responded to your emails lately - never fear... I will get to them. ;-)

As I mentioned in previous videos on my youtube channel, etc. I have been quite busy in the month of January but have a lot of exciting new products to bring to you this month. I just know that you will enjoy my January Favs.


1.) My first FAV is MAC's Plush lash Mascara in plush black. You can purchase this online at maccosmetics.com for $14.00 (I believe - MAC is doing some major site updating right now and I do not have access to their price) or you can visit any MAC counter or store. This particular product didn't catch my eye when it first came out because those of you who follow my posts and videos know that I am not a fan of MAC Mascara at all. I was having a conversation with one of my clients at the end of December and she mentioned that she found a great mascara and that it worked wonders... still - this did not jump start my urge to buy it. Then after going through my Beautylash MD experiment - I had a conversation with another client who mentioned that she bought Beautylash MD and absolutely loved it (she had micro lashes like me) and used her Plushlash on her new lashes... it was "Vavavoom". So - I decided it would be an investment and I would just have to try it. Well, let me tell you something... it really truly made more of a difference - especially since I was on the Beautylash MD regiment. If used in combination with the MAC Prep & Prime for lashes... even a better result. I think I found my new favorite mascara. ;-)

Here is a photograph with me using the following eyelash stuff:
MAC Prep & Prime for Lashes
MAC Plush lash in Plush black (2 coats)

** this is while I have been using the Beautylash MD for about 20 days.

2.) Tassi - the unique solution for keeping your hair out of your face. You can purchase the Tassi at www.tassicompany.com. It's suggested retail price is for about $14.99 USD and it comes in an array of colors (12 fun colors - to be exact). I can't believe I have gotten this far without this wonderful product. I absolutely love it. The Tassi was awarded the "Best New Beauty Accessory Award" at the Extracts Show in New York City in 2008 and in my opinion - it truly does deserve it. "So what is a Tassi?" you must be asking. It is a product that you place over your head and around your hair to keep your hair out of your face while you are washing up, removing makeup, having a massage, all the things women do that hair will naturally get in the way. I use mine while I'm doing the dishes to keep my hair from falling into my face and getting splashed on with the dirty soap water. I also put it on while I'm washing my face and removing makeup, while my husband is giving me an awesome massage - I use it at least 3 times a day. It is machine washable and so comfortable. In my opinion it is better than any headband, clip or the Hair Wraps you see on TV. A video review will be posted once I complete the editing so stay tuned for that. ;-)

3.) MARK's Pure Parfume Spray - Do you love that sweet, fresh out of the shower, baby powder scent? Well, let me tell you something... I can't get enough of it. Many of you know that I am an Avon Representative - and MARK is a part of Avon. This is a wonderful line with quality products that I use on my clients on a constant basis - from lip products, liners, shadows, etc. I was introduced to the Pure spray back in May 2008 and had used it from time to time when I felt I needed to have a little sweet smelling fragrance - but really starting picking it up to use it this month and fell in love with it. It smells just like you stepped out of the shower with a hint of baby powder... such a clean smell - and never over powering. You simply must try it to smell what I am talking about. MARK sells this parfume anywhere from $15 - $30 (depending on the Campaign/Magalog and if it is on sale.) visit my site beautybyhoney (click on link) for pricing or send me an email if you want more information. I promise, you will love it as much as I do. ;-)

4.) Stila's Contouring Palette: Everyone knows I love Costco and all of its awesome finds. While strolling through Costco's cosmetics section a few weeks ago - I stumbled upon a Stila set that included a Contouring Palette (pictured), Contouring/Blush brush (not pictured) and 2 Lip Pencils (not pictured). I haven't really tried the brush or the lip pencils out yet - but jumped on the opportunity to try the contouring palette. And, guess what? It was $9.98 USD plus Hawaii State Tax. Woo hoo! Bargain!!!! Bargain!!!! I scooped that up and ran to the counter before anyone stopped me - I literally ran, and forgot the 2 essential items that bought me to Costco in the first place (hehe!) I tried the Palette out almost instantly and it is my new favorite contouring sensation. The colors are very easily blended and I even used them on my lids for a neutral look a few days. There really isn't any smell to it like some of the other contouring shadows can have and the palette included a Highlight color, Contour color and a Flash color which is used in place of a Highlight during the evening to add a little shimmer. At the price - it was cheaper than most drug store brands. Don't we just love Costco???

5.) A very cool invention from Big Happie Hair - Bumpits, Hair Volumizing Inserts. I absolutely love this product and I am so glad that I was up late one night and came across this infomercial while watching Lifetime Movie Network (I know - I'm a chick flick junkie...hehe!)

This product states that it is "comfortable, self gripping, hidden inserts and creates perfect volume everytime!" I haven't had the chance to do a formal review or tutorial on this yet but if you keep up with my Youtube channel - you will see that I have used this product several times. I find it so extremely awesome because it is so easy to use and it stayed put (without back combing or hairspray) all day in my "very thin" hair. I simply placed in per the directions and then pulled my hair back in a pony tail. This truly is a great asset to have and perfect for when you are on the go. Simply put it in and go. The website has it listed for $19.99 plus shipping for a set of 4. You choose your color and if you want it in regular or Hollywood style. I got mine in black. It has really saved my hair on all that hairspray. ;-)

6.) Hemloq's Chocolate Masque: Have you been craving a decadent chocolate dessert for your face & skin? You can't eat this - but I'm sure your face & skin will thank you once you use it. This masque has a mild exfoliant that helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture and heal blemishes... and it smells oh so good.

The Chocolate Masque has ingredients like Shea Butter, Lactic Acid and Aloe Vera. I absolutely love it and use it to cheer me up before bed - it relaxes my whole body and soothes the troubles away... I feel like I'm scarfing down a ton of chocolate with all of the "chocolate high" but none of the upset stomach or break outs. It has a cool sensation when applied (not like ice - but as if you had spritzed your face with cool water) and it goes on smoothly. The texture is that of mousse and it smells so good - you will be tempted to eat it. After just one use - I felt so vigorated and refreshed... and I smelled like chocolate for hours... yummy! ;-) You can purchase this product at www.hemloq.com for about $28.00 - and I promise you, you will enjoy ever minute of it. ;-)

With "Love" season right around the corner... many brides are planning their weddings for 2009. Often times - it can be difficult to factor in a "makeup artist" on your list of expenditures for your big day. With so many to choose from - what should you look for when trying to find the right artist?

  • Just because a Makeup Artist is expensive or costly - does not necessarily mean that they are "Top Notch" or have the best portfolio. Search around - looking at before & after photos of different artists. You may come across a Freelance Makeup Artist who charges very little and who is trying to build his/her portfolio. Just because they are new at the game - doesn't mean that they lack skill or technique needed to get the job done.

  • When you are interested in someone's work - but afraid that they cannot do what you are looking for... ask for a trial session prior to your event. When I do bridal work - I usually ask to meet with my brides and their bridal party about a week before the wedding. This will allow for me to check to see that I have all the right color choices for the day as well making sure that we nail down the look the bride is hoping for and wanting. This way - I am not just practicing but ensuring that I am providing the service that the bride and her party is looking for. Ask your Makeup Artist if they are willing to do a test run or trial on your makeup prior to the event - most of them will be more than willing, besides - it's your big day and everything should be absolutely perfect.

  • If you are unable to find a Makeup Artist for your special day - do not worry or panic. Many brides now a days are opting to do their own makeup and some even do the makeup of their entire party. This will allow for you to have more cash in your pocket to spend on other important items for the wedding - that's how I did it. The important thing is to make sure you plan your time line and schedules appropriately - so that you are not rushing. If you are not very good with makeup application - as a last result, I would ask a friend that seems to be makeup savvy. Just keep in mind - don't leave the planning of your makeup for last minute. This is a very important day in your life and makeup is one of the most important details.
If you think you can apply your own bridal makeup - you can use this simple tutorial below for applying neutral tones. If you have any questions - please be sure to let me know. ;-)

MAC Mineralize is no longer a Limited Edition:

I received an Awesome email from www.maccosmetics.com earlier today with exciting news. For those of you that are lovers of the limited edition Mineralize Formulas that MAC has to ofer - they have rolled out that they are no longer "Limited Edition" .

MAC Mineralize brings all your favorite Mineralize Formulas together as a Permanent Collection. Mineralize Eye Shadows, Foundations, Skinfinish Powder and Blush will be available for purchase all the time, in store and online.

** Free shipping with any MAC purchase online. Enter jpromo code MINERALIZE at check out. Offer is valid through 11:59pm EST Tuesday February 02, 2009 on orders shipped to US and Canadian address only. Not applicable towards gift cards.

*photo used was taken directly from email sent by maccosmetics.com